Wednesday, July 9, 2008

About as much has happened with the house as with my blog posts

Well, except the thousands of dollars going out the door to the architect. And the tanking economy which is battering my stock options aka my remodel fund. But, in the meantime, I have lots of pretty drawings to look at and I still have enough money to buy lottery tickets.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Let the games begin!

We close on the house on Friday, Nov. 2. Oh, I can hardly sleep at night thinking of EVERYTHING I want to do. Of course, the money for those projects will come over time so I need to reel in those brain cells. The first priority is to add a second bathroom (the thought of sharing a bathroom with a teenager is what really should keep me up at night!) The upstairs attic conversion (at least that has already been done by the previous owners) will become the master suite. The second bedroom will be the new bathroom.

So that is a relatively easy decision when it comes to prioritizing. But the hard part is figuring out who to hire, what we can/should/are going to do ourselves, flooring/fixtures/layout choices, etc. Again, no sleep. And if we have to re-do the septic - well, ca-ching!

Then, after spending that nice chunk of change will come the harder part of prioritizing - do we tackle the remaining knob and tube (or wait until the main floor and basement remodel but can I sleep in the new house with the old knob and tube?) Do we waterproof the basement? Do we go ahead and rebuild the septic because that is just a matter of time even if we make it through the bathroom remodel?

Would you believe I am actually BLISSFULLY HAPPY with these dilemmas. I sure hope a lot of people find me because I will seek a lot of opinions. Start offering now if you have been through a remodel of an old home.